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Security, protection and warmth, mutual confidence, responsibility and reliability.
This is it what you shall feel, feel and experience. So that you make the most of the most valuable moments of the weekday and can devote themselves to this wonderful feeling of safety lively.

There are no burglar-proof windows and doors! However, there is a bulgary hindering. Perpetrators unite this bulgary in absolutely want, will not be able impede you.

It is all about to aggravate the burglary by additional safeguarding measures so that the perpetrator outside in front of the building as much time as possible //brauch// and the risk increases through this being discovered.

Examinations of the police prove that more than a third of all burglary tests fail if flats and houses are protected. It is forcibly to open for the perpetrator, window and doors not secured for it around a professional but around an opportunity perpetrator with the help of a screwdriver temptedly badly then mostly.


exterior doors

According to DIN V ENV 1627 there are different resistance classes (WK), what these exactly fix how long gestestete front door must successfully one bear within a resistance class.

Re-stand class Burglar type Burglar behaviour Burglary risk Recommendation for the object type
WK1 Opportunity perpetrator

Burlary under application of physical force:

• against kick
• against jump
• shoving high
• pulling out

low Buildings without direct entrance at ground level
WK2 Opportunity perpetrator Burglary experiments on the locked and locked window element with simple tools:

• Screwdriver
• Tongs
• Wedges
average • Accommodation units
• Trade objects
• public objects
WK3 normal perpetrator Burglary test with an additional screwdriver and crow-bar at the locked and locked window element. high • Accommodation units
• Trade objects
• public objects

TOPIC offers the optimal product range if it is about the safety topic because all TOPIC front doors are already equipped with excellent safety features in the standard. From TOPIC equipped with 2 x already puts a great challenge for pan bolt and the trap for opportunity perpetrators the normal closing system there. Sure is sure. Therefore being able to to enlarge all TOPIC front doors, safety stand type increased with one up to the resistance class 3.



circulating mountingThey should not you neglect have installed what into your front door to an additional safety for your windows. Can even 14% of all burglaries be concluded over the front door because one believe statistics if? Opposite this the alarming number of 52% of window doors and 26% is at window. Against these alarming statistics the company inter norm offers per default around window systems with a mushroom tongue and a safety-closing piece to work. We offer also burglar resistant windows besides this plus for a higher safety up to the security level WK2.

At the checked resistance class 1 - valid only for synthetic material and aluminium window systems - the window is protected at all four corners with special mounting steep as well as with on drilling protection at the transmission. A blocking cash handle and a 6 mm glass in addition gets (also thicker glass strengths are possible) installed. The window is put up with plugs and/or screws. In the test procedure a sandbag is in addition dropped from 800 jamming cash handlemm of distance on the window. May not open itself the window or go the glass to break (according to DIN V ENV 1627ff).

The checked resistance league 2 is and a jamming cash handle equipped circulating with special mounting steep one. A by throw impeding plate offers additional protection to the class A3 (according to EN 356) . the window is also put up with plugs and/or screws.

With the checked resistance league 2 the window can in addition to the pressure load by manual attacks (such as with wedges, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers or similar) not openly be (according to DIN V ENV 1627ff).


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