Venetian blinds

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roma - venetian blinds Venetian blind

roma venetian blinds combined with sun protection The new Gathering net curtain from roma
Enjoy the view without insight. How much want to see you and be how much seen of the outside determine you with the new roma Raffstoren may. Quite individual and at the touch of a button. With also of course radio available.

So you can comfortably steer the incidence of light of every place in the house. The gathering net curtain can be increased the value of for everyone the more wolen, also with automatic timer and/or wind and sun sensor.

You want more?
More protection, more light, more comprehension?

Gathering net curtain be platform systems installed in the same as shutters. This technique permits the windward side and gathering net curtain the effective combination from shutters at the side facing the sun.

There are no compromises at the quality.
roma - QUADRO P-RS/XP-RSThe case betseht from powder coated, rope pressed and thick-walled profiles. The lamellae are one burning lacquered. They are protected well from corrosion with that.
They are protected from UV radiation well with that and keep their gleam and their colour. The XP production series also permits use of an insect protective barrier or integrates, Screens, in the box.


Somfy Drives and controls Drives and controls

Why do you not automate the daily up and down of your shutters?
Simply assign this annoying work to the intelligent drives and controls of Somfy.
This is comfortable and certain. Relying is on Somfy products even then if you are not at home.

Your Somfy advantages at a glance
More comfort and quality of life have you you in this on the winding annoyingly or belt ache do without. This advantage can, also during your absence enjoy by the automation of your plant.

Somfy Antriebe und Steuerung

A fast installation is and also one possible retrofit for your already available plant.
Use for example the advantages of the radio programme timer with brightness automatic system.

Battery operation
No connection wireless assignment of the orders one break protection increased by radio also at absence.

Sun automatic system/brightness sensor
The shutters is steered depending on solar radiation automatically and protects your plants and furniture so in front of a too strong solar radiation.

Week programme
The shutters is opened and closed to the individually adjusted switching times automatically.

Security holiday wiring - The adjusted switching times are/moved for 15 minutes within a margin of+every day automatically.



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