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TOPIC -wood/aluminium- Haustüren wood/aluminium house doors

It is nothing new that Topic front doors thanks to many features such as the Topic-core surface (which makes repainting obsolete) are a class for themselves.

New however, is that Topic provides doors combining two different materials: Since 2004 Topic has completed its offers with its Wood/Aluminium house doors.

Passive house standard
Passive House standards: Topic doors are not just good for the eyes but also for the environment. With a U-Value <0,8 W/m˛K, they meet the standards for Passive - or low energy houses.

Weather resistent aluminium frames
with silk matt powder coating.

The best thick function
Hightes sealingfunktion through doube silicon sealings, high heainsulation.

TOPIC stop rail glass fibre-reinforced, kick solid fabric liabilities, good insulation, no cold bridge, no Anfrieren of the seals.


TOPIC -core-house door core house doors

The TOPIC core surface is the best what can happen to a wood door., particularly if you don't want further work on your door done for years. Never again weather-induced repainting. On the inside the beauty of traditional wood material with all its possibilities for design and on the outside the indestructible TOPIC core, which is comparable with the best automotive paint. The basic construction, though, of the typical TOPIC front door is exactly the same as in the case of a wood door.

Burglary safety: There is no 100 % percent protection against burglary, but you can increase the difficulty for a by more security measures. Therefore TOPIC offers all models with what is known as resistance class 3. Sheathing at the door stick and at the door scarfing are TOPIC specials: very condensed duroplastic materials that allow no humidity admission, no crack formations in the fold area and door stick.

The best sealinging function by double silicone seal, no signs of fatigue, high insulation, resolute sound no obnoxoious door banging.


TOPIC -wood- exterior door wood exterior door

To be able to ensure real TOPIC quality, our specialists are permanent on the search for tree populations with the suitable woods for our unique door construction.

The up to 30-fold glue laminated guarantees endurance. Profile frameworks used conically and provided with additional Lamellierungen prevent a "opening" the mitres and prevent twists and rips. TOPIC -Holz- Haustür Schnitt

The highest surface quality
Wood surface with quality veneer, on-doubling stack stuck, 4-layered glaze construction, easy-care, optimal long time protection.

Thermal threshold foundations optimal thermal separation, no cold and humidity bridges in the sub-ground, no-one drop the front door.

The best sealinging function
by double silicone seal, no signs of fatigue, high insulation, resolute sound no obnoxoious door banging.


Internorm -selection- Haustüren

Internorm se[le]ction Front doors consist of a special combined combination of wood, Thermoschaum and aluminium. The "live" material wood is the symbol for warmth and cosiness.

So that this wood is protected from wind and weather, an aluminium firm intention shell is on the outside. This can be formed in a lot of colours.

So that you can feel safe from uninvited guests, the se[le]ection door is already equipped with a reliable security system in the standard.

You enjoy not only warmth and burglary protection but also noble design in four different door series.

Passive house fit making connections
Internorm -selection- DetailsFoamed special profiles are available for passive house fit installation situations in different heights.

Protection from burglary WK2 after DINVENV 1627
The layered plate construction is suitable for burglar resistant doors by the special order of the different materials.

Climate class c/d/e,
Class 3 after DINEN 1121/2000-09. By the cook waterproof special profiles the door stays with extreme temperature differences just and airtightly, too. This is a prerequisite for low energy and passive houses.


Internorm -portal- front doors

A greatest measure of a standard of security superior in statics, best sound and warmth checking values, and indestructible surface design in all RAL colours honour the aluminium house entrances portAL.

Thought-out safety
Fivefold locking: A main bolt, two safety bolts and two closing claws almost make bursting impossible.

Mounted very well
Three-dimensionally adjustable door hinges leave himself nachjustieren simple and fast.

Durably thick
3 chamber floor threshold with a thermal separation by polyamide footbridges prevents warmth bridges and freezing.


Internorm -planea- exterior doors

Perfect design and excellent "inner" worths stand for the new door innovation pl[an]ea. This series is impressive because of a maximum amount of aesthetics. Provide a variety of door models, color and glass variants, the visually attractive execution.
The mature door technology offers excellent insulation, statics and safety.

Approved technology
Internorm -planea- Details The standard fivefold locking is built-in in the inside-sided grand piano profile with safety bolts and closing claws. The special three-dimensionally adjustable door hinges serve for the simple door scarfing justification.

Unique glazing technology
An excellent insulation offers the coated, gas-filled standard triple glazing with 42 mm of total strength.

Absolutely thick
The thermally separate 3 chamber floor threshold and the floor profile from Fibrex TM PP provides absolute tightness.


UNILUX wood exterior door wood exterior door

A door signals always: A private world is hidden behind it, who enters through it lets himself in on the home of quite certain people.

Opening every front door means a mark of confidence because it is "for My Home is My castle". How such a door is arranged, something says about the one who lives behind this.

She shall not only beautifully be arranged and match like on the outside to the style of the house inside, work perfectly and comfortably and offer a greatest possible safety technically but she serves as a statement of the residents at the same time "I am that way"!

UNILUX safetyThe material is noble wood: Pine, Meranti or oak.

Living is matter of feeling, architects and manufacturers like university lux know this similarly. The fact that about 40 per cent of all front doors made of wood are meanwhile gives the emotional side the expression you are due to it.



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