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If one wants to redevelop a house, it is necessary to consider much.
What do I have to pay attention so that my own home does not become a health danger to?
Who advises me if need be? Where buys long-lasting and trend-setting products?

restorationClever house-owners plan the redevelopment of their own home of beginning so that the energy consumption can be held as lowly as possible in future. So you save costs and spare the environment simultaneously.

A house is as strong as its weakest job. The windows belong to the special weak points of old houses. They are insufficiently isolatedly, technically out-datedly and after decades of use often no longer fully able to work.
The consequence: Draughts and noise nuisance decrease the quality of housing, the fuel consumption and the heating cost increase in unnecessary heights. Who that is seriously thinks of reorganisation or renovation should subject his new windows to a critical assessment.

modern windowsYou these are ahead far, invest in the future this today's state type with the trend-setting products. Internorm produces his windows measure exactly following the individual example. With an incomparable variety of forms, colours, rungs and glazing variants the windows at the rehabilitation make an essential contribution to the preservation of the facade picture.

With sound and jutting out insulation, high weather resistance, long life time and function safety as well as permanent beauty at a minimal maintenance inter norm windows bring a new, continuous quality of housing in old buildings.


Window exchange

Window exchangeWith our well trained installation staff the exchange runs your window and doors over fast and without problems. In addition, we design an exact time schedule together with you.

The cleaning effort shall as little as held only at all possibly be since all surrounding furniture and floorages are covered this want to our fitters provide.

Of course replacing the windows is carried out in the order provided by you. It is taken of special care on this that the surrounding masonry is not damaged.

Clean window exchange The right making connection or an optimal connection joint ensures the necessary Dichtheit between window and masonry. After the assembly, when required we organize a finery bunch for you. Care and cleaning set and for the new windows you get economically a special.

The old windows are brought to a professional reutilization system. A net of select recycling partners provides it.


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