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planning tips - new building

Warmth picture photo Internorm window Economizing for this at a superfluous room not at the quality. Builder-owners must be sharp computers. Who in advance plans well protects itself from additional changes on the works and expense by construction defects.

These considerable subsequent costs, such as at a far too high energy cost invoice, or in many cases even an early rehabilitation of the corresponding construction elements at the wrong one end such as window and can have concluded doors on you by savings you befit.

Internorm window
with Thermic protection glass Ug=0,7W/mēK

The warmth picture admission of an inter norm window to connection with a triple insulating glass (Ug=0,7W/mēK) taken by the inside Internorm wood aluminium window shows clearly the difference between a conventional plastic window and a sophisticated. All surfaces are pleasantly warm. Whether canvas-stretcher, grand piano framework or the glazing and the temperature drops in this picture no less than 15 degrees Celsius even on the brim of the glass.
Warmth picture photo standard plastic window
Standard plastic window Ug=1,3W/mēK

The middle surface temperatures already are less than 14 degrees Celsius in the comparison an isolating glazed plastic window here.

But also the installation shows striking warmth bridges, this one is alone the best window only as well as the fitter particularly at the concrete fall, then it has installed.

Therefore we attach much importance to a very well trained installation staff and natural as enterprises on the installation material adapted for your building scheme.


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