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syntheticssynthetics - reliable perfection in form and colour

This material can be brought almost in every desired form, is indestructible and easy-care extremely weather-proofly and practically. Plastic windows are an excellent investment into a durable, high-quality and functional quality of housing. The Kombinierbarkeit from inside and a broad spectrum permits exterior colors at individual design options.


woodwood - perfect beauty is quite natural

How no other building-material embodies wood of nature from warmth and cosiness. His preference shows with that to real, unadulterated liveliness who surrounds himself with wood. No miracle therefore, that windows, door and gate remain opened to this material in future with his great past, too.


aluminiumaluminium - resistance has a great future

The material aluminium offers a number of unique qualities. Profiles made of aluminium are relatively easy, simultaneous but extremely stable.The material is corrosion-resistant and by means of powder coating has its surface formed in all colours for itself.


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