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For a long life time

Special care setFor a of Long life times is it decisive for the condition of your windows and doors in regular intervals for care and maintenance. Because the cleaning regularly and waiting the mounting steep ones can influence the function and life time decisively.
About our trained service engineers you can engage a window cheque at the fixed price. For the independent care and maintenance you also can order products directly from us.

Special care
We recommend this to products made of synthetic material or aluminium specially -- , seals closing mounting and good more easily possible for the preservation of a faultless surface at Internorm care set you get which at us as inter norm specialist dealers.


Aluminium doors & aluminium firm intention shells

Aluminium is a material with excellent resistance.

By the surface design with powder coating or anodized no effortful maintenance is required for the profile surfaces, a regular care with household cleaners is recommended.


Guarantee, assembly and maintenance primer

With our guarantee, assembly and maintenance primer they receive a combination of all care and maintenance indications for hers inter norm products among us, your inter norm specialist dealer.


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