Building healthily

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Building healthily

Relaxation of the weekday As a member of the team "Building for people suffering from an allergy" is we to design your daily environment as pleasant as only at all possible concernedly about it without the you must do without comfort or technology.

Relaxation in the home of one's own!
You would like surroundings in which you feel comfortable and can process the stress of the weekday?
You would like surroundings in which you can recover as a person suffering from an allergy around again strength to collect for the public life? You would like to live low pollution?

With our concept you know all areas prudently from the start. You can in addition set your personal main emphasis. You get only this into your house which you really need. It remains more room for your wishes. The individual stamp is strengthened. Not only the house design but also the completion of the interior and the domestic technique are included. You deduce from everyone Areas of building and you minimise the disadvantages the advantages.

The following basic concept lies every building scheme to reason:

•  Choice of attraction poor building-materials. So they take into account slight allergies (pollen, house dust or contact allergies)

Balanced relationship between insulation and warmth storage. Es entsteht ein atmungsaktives Haus bei dem Energieverluste sinnvoll minimiert werden.

Humidity regulating building-materials create a cosy living climate.

Principles of the biological building electrical installation are taken into account from the beginning. So your house does not rob you of the sleep.

Building-materials are selected according to the room use. Every room gets an optimal equipment by the one.


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